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Located in Denver, Colorado, UNUM collaborative (pronounced ooh-nuhm and meaning "one") is a group of architects, designers, visionaries and craftsmen. The collaborative was founded on the principle that all great design must originate from the collective. The office approaches design with a critical intent that challenges the established paradigms of architecture and design. The work encompasses a variety of scales and media, and blends the domain of art, architecture, industrial design and fashion.  At the core of our design explorations is the desire to stimulate the senses and engage the user socially, intellectually and physically, while generating functional and beautiful solutions.

We are a full service Architecture and Interior Design firm focusing on craft, construction and emerging fabrication techniques. We have a commitment to serve our clients and the community we exist in. We believe in a design forward approach to architecture that focuses on our clients needs, while providing socially driven and responsibly economic solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.



We are committed to enriching the community in which we exist, and feel that our contribution is the architecture we create.  We believe that the role of architect carries with it an obligation to integrity, and a responsibility to consider the greater good.  Our team will always seek new and better ways to support our community.


Our goal is to execute simple and exciting processes that leverage every tool at our disposal to create effective, functional, and beautiful spaces.  Design and construction can be filled with challenges, but the act of bringing a new space, brand, or idea to fruition is always exciting.  We aim to carry that passion through the entire process.


We have a strong belief in teamwork and collaboration.  By encouraging full engagement in the process, unique points of view are allowed into the thought process, and truly brilliant solutions can be uncovered.  We are also committed to open, honest communication with everyone involved in each project.  We believe that every problem, no matter the complexity, is easier to solve the earlier it is attacked.  No project is without its hurdles and challenges, the strength of a team is measured by how it handles those challenges.


There is a long-accepted idea that the beauty of design is born of its gracefulness in functionality.  We feel that there is value in actively remembering that idea, and using it within our design process.   Each of our clients comes to us with a need to solve a problem; each one, presenting an opportunity for a graceful solution.  Our team seeks to understand issues, and work to find specific solutions.

Adam B. Steinbach AIA, LEED AP
e: adam@unum-collab.com
m: 720.467.2947
Jim Pfeiffer NCARB
e: jim@unum-collab.com
m: 610.442.1739
Scott Baker 
Architectural Designer
e: scott@unum-collab.com
m: 419.709.6282
Nora Hoffman 
Interior Designer
e: nora@unum-collab.com
m: 720.468.2741
Jess Swida
Architectural / Interior Designer
e: jess@unum-collab.com
m: 570.574.0296
Casandra Reed 
e: casandra@unum-collab.com
m: 970.308.8976


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1490 N. Lafayette St, Suite 206

Denver, CO 80218, USA


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