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Adam Steinbach In collaboration with Jack Tipton, Joe Stevenson and Paul Mitchell under the guidance of Clark Thenhaus

Year Completed: 2012

This installation explores the body's movement through space and viewpoint trajectories associated with different defined locations.  Radial gradients originating from different viewpoints as the body moves through space are rendered onto a projected draped surface.  Every moment of collision between sight trajectory and surface becomes the nucleus of each gradient, establishing a hierarchy of values which are translated into a series of panels.  Each of these gradient zones, 5 in total, are oriented per each sight trajectory.  Overlapping gradients present moments of confrontation and division throughout the surface, resulting in varying densities of extrusions and multiple degrees of directionality.  The panels themselves are constructed of thermo formed PETG, which was vacuum pressed onto a predetermined dowel and die, which respond to the location and distance away from the center point of the view.  Upon cooling, the extruded form is then spray painted white on the extruded side and dowels are removed, leaving tiny apertures within a soft abstracted form.

Exterior Front Lit
Exterior Back Lit
Interior Back Lit
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