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Project Team:
Austyn Chesser, Nora Hoffman, Chelsea Fish, Eliane Kelley, Erin Chant, Jim Pfeiffer, Adam Steinbach

Year of Competition: 2023

The sophistication with the chair is more than the classic feel in a contemporary form. This chair is about losing yourself, being encapsulated in the moment, and being away from the day-to-day stressful mindset that the average 8-5 will bring. This is your place to read, to dream, to find peace, to think. This contemporary form still gives you the impression of the chair you might have grown up in. The chair you grandfather settled in after a family dinner. The chair that you fell asleep in during a family movie night. The chair that you opened presents in during birthdays. Even the chair you announced the arrival of a new family member in. This chair encompasses those memories while transforming them to fit the contemporary aesthetic. This is your refuge, your sanctuary, and your safe haven.  

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