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Realm & Amethyst VR visit

It's always nice to see a positive reaction from the client. Leading up to the presentation this week, both Jim and I were nervous, as we almost always are, about how a client might see or react to their space the first time they see it in the virtual environment. We had deliberated over various ideas and details, hoping they would resonate with Jonathan, EB, Rachel and Elle, the all-star team of Realm and Amethyst. The program consists of a series of overlapping spaces and rooms, to be used for a variety of functions, but most center around photography and marketing needs. Certain operating constraints require rooms to be flexible, with sliding partitions and curtains, separating spaces both visually and audibly. Inspired by the work of Olson Kundig and Lake Flato , UNUM is tasked with renovating an old warehouse to bring a clean, modern, minimal aesthetic while maintaining balance with the historic brick and steel detailing.

Overall I think the presentation was a success, with the client offering positive and constructive feedback. UNUM is now actively working towards the next step of design development, and will keep posting progress updates as this project manifests.

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