Design in Bloom 2019 entry for Modern In Denver Magazine

Year Completed: 2019

Design in Bloom is Modern In Denver magazine’s signature spring event, which every year reaches capacity and draws 500+ creative professionals and modern enthusiasts together for a night of conversation and celebration. Attendees see nature and design intersect in the hands of Colorado designers and architects, as they create floral displays amidst the most influential in our community.  Our proposal for the 2019 submission was entitled Leto, and was an experimentation in material, form and time.  The team was asked to submit a narrative along with the entry that supports and elucidates the story of the piece (below).  

Leto is a representation of the pain and beauty inherent in development.  Marked by blows, bending and breaking into something stronger, more beautiful, and more graceful than before.  Providing protection for something growing, never knowing when to allow it to be exposed, damaged, and vulnerable.


Our collective experience has been defined by intense transitions, challenges, and growth.  The idea of growth tends to be positive.  The use of the word ‘grow’ insinuates a change for the better, but constructive development demands effort and will.  Growth is involuntarily perpetual, and voluntarily positive.  It is unsure, it is daring, it is courageous, it is beautiful.

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