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Denver, CO 80218, USA

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Year Completed: 2015

Location: 619 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO 80203

Client: Hudson Hill (Jake Soffes)

Budget: under $300,000 USD.

Located in the heart of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Denver,  This local cocktail bar attempts to bring the casual feel of a neighborhood hang out and merge the light sophistication of an upscale lounge.  The design team worked closely with first time restaurateur Jake Soffes, who sought to create an atmosphere that he felt was lacking in the current Denver bar scene.   Taking influence from the Native American patterns from the historic Hudson Bay tribes, the design team complimented live edge wood bartops with blue and white tile motifs.  Fresh herbs and assorted planters were also strategically placed in order to stimulate both the visual and olfactory senses.  The design team remained sensitive to the building's natural character, celebrating the wood trusses and exterior brickwork by leaving them exposed and integrated into the aesthetic.

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