D.I.A - COFFEE KIOSKS (proposed)


Year Completed: Proposed

Location: Denver International Airport - Denver, Colorado

Client: Undisclosed

Budget: Undisclosed

These proposals were developed during an open competition held by DIA requesting three individual coffee kiosks located in each concourse of the airport.  The design team had partnered up with local coffee brewer and cafe, CODA coffee, to create a unique user experience.  Coda builds its strong brand value around the African farmers it works with to harvest their beans, often taking trips to Africa to meet with the families and communities they support.  In response to this relationship, the design team, led by Adam Steinbach, wanted to develop a structure that would serve not only the patrons of the kiosks, but also the surrounding community of travelers.  Inspired by the peeling skin of the coffee cherries during the harvesting process, the shell structure of the kiosk is frozen in a static state of peeling, allowing patrons to interact above and below the form.  This kiosk "skin" is comprised of contoured plywood bands, held together by a curving steel rim.  It's form curves and flows throughout the space, intending to create areas of repose with seating and rest for travelers of the concourse.  New form generating techniques were used to aid this experimentation in sculptural form and material, which unfortunately due to other circumstances, was never submitted for selection.

CONCOURSE A- Rendering
CONCOURSE A- Rendering
CONCOURSE C- Rendering
CONCOURSE C- Rendering
CONCOURSE B- Rendering
CONCOURSE B- Rendering

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