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Custom Light Fixture Installation for Deviation Distilling - Dairy Block 

Year Completed: 2021

Using Deviation Distilling's gin bottles, we designed and installed a custom light fixture consisting of 90 lights and over 250 gin bottles, suspended overhead on a grid. The bottles are meant to be a connection to the distillation process, but also to promote a sense of exploration that carries you throughout the space. The bottles also refract the light coming out of the fixtures making it difficult to decipher where the light fixture starts and where it ends. 

2021.05.06 Deviation Distilling-4
2021.05.06 Deviation Distilling-3
2021.05.06 Deviation Distilling-8
2021.05.06 Deviation Distilling-12
2021.05.06 Deviation Distilling-1
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