Year Completed: 2014

Location: Golden, Colorado

Client: Undisclosed

Budget: under $200,000 USD.

The client had a piece of property along Coal Creek Canyon with a tiny home on which she occasionally resided.  Her goal was to develop a modest cabin on the site that celebrated the area, while fitting in with the context.  The cabin was programmed to be about 700sf, including a living area, kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, and a lofted sleeping area.  The client spends half her time in Laos, where tight-knit community living is common.  This translated to a layout with minimal boundaries in favor of wide open space within the structure. The design team developed a concept that would place the cabin on an upper flat area of the site, with a form that peaked out from the trees to capture views of the surrounding hills.  The siting decision made for a challenging construction process, but the client’s background in landscape design allowed project to become an awe-inspiring procession from the base of the site to the entry of the cabin.  Corten steel, shou sugi bahn, and bark-on siding work together to create a project that is both majestic and contextual within the site.

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